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"We are the company your neighbors trust and use"

About Us

About Us

Georgia Power Company top dealer for 2019 in the Northwest Region!

How much is your own comfort, not to mention that of your family, and all of your customers, employees, and tenants, worth to you? We're guessing that you value it very highly, which is why we're also guessing that you want to know for sure that your residential and commercial properties are as comfortable as can be throughout the entire year. Schedule service with the professional technicians on our staff, and you can achieve this seemingly lofty goal.

There are a lot of different HVAC contractors out there, but Moody Heating and Air Conditioning has the pedigree and long list of satisfied clients to set itself apart. Read on, and we think that you'll find yourself dialing our number when next you need residential or commercial HVAC or IAQ services in Rome, GA. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Our History

The backstory of our company is really quite simple. Owner David Moody wanted to create a business for his family. At the time, he had 2 young children, and dreamed of sending them to the best schools and the best colleges around, just like everybody else, he wanted to provide for them as best as possible. When the business started, it was started with very little. David set out with an old truck, and the basis of the business was born.

Today, nearly 3 decades later, with 13 employees and 8 vehicles on the road, it is very clear that David has succeeded in his mission. His kids are out of school, and the company is now doing business with the same kids that he coached in baseball when his own children were young—though they are obviously not kids anymore. Our roots are in the Rome, GA community, and we strive to give back to the community that we have called home for so long.

What You Should Know About Our Business

As you’ll learn as you explore this site, we offer a number of different services throughout the area, designed to make us your one–stop shop for all of your residential and commercial HVAC and IAQ service needs. We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about our business and our practices, though. We are a completely drug free workplace, and we are a member with the Rome, GA Chamber of Commerce. We have a classroom in our shop for technicians to visit on–site, as we believe that our education is never truly "complete". We offer service 7 days a week, and we have technicians on staff that have been with us for 17+ years. We are also a Daikin Comfort Pro, installing some of the finest systems in the world.

We Continue to Work with Our Clients

We don’t just install systems in our clients’ homes or commercial properties, cash our check, and forget about them. We also offer a great maintenance plan to keep those systems up and running properly. This allows us to catch small problems before they become big ones, and can add years of life to your systems. You get two maintenance visits a year, and Gold Service Members get $49 service calls, a 5 year parts and labor warranty on any parts that we install, and a 20% discount on all parts installed. Contact us today for more information. We truly look forward to working with you.