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Dual Fuel Systems

Dual Fuel Air Conditioning Systems in Rome, GA

There are a great many different configurations that you can choose from when setting up indoor climate control. You can have many different systems, or just a couple, or even just one if it suits your needs. You can choose your fuel type, distribution type, and all sorts of other factors to create the ideal climate control solution for you. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, however, you can actually combine systems to get the best of both worlds. Moody Heating and Air Conditioning installs and services dual fuel systems throughout Rome, GA. If you need a dual fuel system installed or serviced, call today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

How a Dual Fuel System Works

Also called a hybrid heating system, a dual fuel system is essentially a combination of a heat pump and a furnace. When the temperature outside is above a certain point, the heat pump works to keep the home heated without burning fuel. This is the most energy efficient way to keep the home heated most of the time. An air source heat pump relies on a certain amount of heat being present in the air outside, though, so the lower the temperature outside drops the more inefficient the heat pump will become. When the temperature finally drops too low for the heat pump to adequately heat the home, the furnace will activate to keep things comfortable.

Advantages of a Dual Fuel System

Heat pumps are used across the country, and are quite popular for their ability to heat and cool a home with very little energy spent. As mentioned above, though, heat pumps tend to perform less well in environments where they are constantly operating in sub–freezing temperatures. The less thermal energy available in the air, the more inefficient the system will become.

Furnaces, by contrast, are well known for producing very high heat output. However, they typically have to burn natural gas to do this, which makes them more expensive to operate than heat pump systems. A dual fuel system allows you to benefit from both system types when they’re at their most efficient. The heat pump will work for the majority of the time, and the furnace will serve during those days when the temperature is especially low.

We Install, Repair, Maintain, and Replace Dual Fuel Systems in Rome, GA

Installing a dual fuel system is a bit more complicated than installing a normal climate control system, as you’re essentially having two different system types installed. As with any climate control system, you should only ever trust a professional to handle installation for you. If you need to have a hybrid heating system installed in your home, trust Moody Heating and Air Conditioning to do it for you. We’ll make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

As with any climate control system, you should schedule annual preventive maintenance to help mitigate the effects of wear and tear. You can save thousands of dollars on repair costs over the life of your system by doing this. If and when a problem does crop up between maintenance appointments, be sure to call us right away. The faster we can get to your system, the more damage we can prevent and the better off it will be.