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AC Replacement: What to Consider When You’re Considering

hello-summerIt is in most of our natures to try to get the best return on any investment we make. Even those homeowners fortunate enough to have a lot of disposable incomes at, well, their disposal will want to do so. That is why so many people wind up driving their air conditioning systems into the ground. For most homeowners, a new AC system is a major investment, and you don’t want to be replacing yours earlier than you need to.

But we would also advise against waiting for yours to break down entirely before you go ahead and replace it. Doing so is going to leave you vulnerable to a period of discomfort as you wait for your system to be replaced—potentially and very likely at just the time when air conditioning technicians are busiest! Today we are going to give you some tips that will help you to plan ahead for a painless transition when replacing your air conditioner in Rome, GA.

Keep Age in Mind (But Don’t Base the Whole Decision on It)

We are not going to go so far as to say age is not a factor to consider when it comes to your air conditioning replacement. Quite the opposite: it’s a very important one. But those homeowners who think of it as a deciding factor are usually a bit off base. Why? Because a new system is not necessarily never going to require replacement, and an old system won’t inherently require replacement.

When deciding whether or not to replace your air conditioner, you’re going to weight the following factors quite heavily. We recommend you keep the age of your system in mind as it relates to the following factors. That way, you’ll start to get a clearer vision of the bigger picture.

Consider Your System’s Efficiency

One major reason for replacing an air conditioning system is to invest in one with a higher efficiency rating. Even newer systems may be replaced on these grounds. You may have inherited a relatively low-efficiency system with your home, for instance. Maybe you bought it yourself, but had to skimp on efficiency in order to save money up front. If you can afford it now, replacing the system can help you save money in the long run.

Now, an older system may still be fairly competent in cooling your home effectively, so performance quality is not the issue. If that system was manufactured at a time when efficiency standards were lower, however, or if it has just lost some of its efficiency capability over time, replacing it with a more efficient model makes a lot of sense.

Reliability Is a Major Factor

It doesn’t matter how old your system is. If you cannot count on it to be there for you when you need it the most, it may simply not be worth keeping around. If your system is relatively new and requires a costly repair, that expense may be justified. If it requires frequent repairs, however, it doesn’t make sense financially to hang onto it, even if it’s not that old.

Conversely, you should think long and hard about sinking too much money into an air conditioning system that’s getting on in years. Sure, you may want to save on the cost of a new system. At some point, however, it doesn’t make sense to try to offset that investment by investing in more repairs for a system that, in all likelihood, does not have much time left.

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