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Air Conditioning FAQ: Time to Replace?

comfortable-woman-on-couchIf you were to make a list of some major investments/purchases that would result in major fun, chances are that replacing your whole-house cooling system would not quite make the cut. It may not be the most glamorous purchase that you could make, but it is one that will benefit you greatly when you live in as hot an environment as we do. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to want to replace your existing heating system prematurely, of course.

In the following post, we’ll give you a few pointers about when and why to upgrade your air conditioning in Acworth, GA. There are many situations in which a new system may make a lot of sense, and the fact that it has broken down entirely really is not one of them. Sure, that is a clear-cut reason for replacing your AC. Ideally, however, you won’t let things get to that point before you go ahead and call us to schedule a replacement.

Your System Is Very Old

If you find an air conditioner that guarantees it will last forever, or even claims that it might, then you are looking at a piece of equipment manufactured by some very dishonest people. Your air conditioner, no matter how well-made it may be, is going to have a finite lifespan. No car is going to last forever, no appliance is going to last forever, and no AC is going to last forever. That is why you should always keep the age of your air conditioner in mind.

While your instinct may be to hang onto your air conditioner for as long as possible, we recommend that you consider its age before, say, moving ahead with costly repairs. There comes a point where an air conditioner that can be repaired is just no longer worth sinking further money into, and the age of the system is going to help you determine if you’ve come to that point. This brings us to our next issue.

Your System Is Not Reliable

Is your air conditioner presenting you with the need for AC repairs regularly? If so, investing in a newer, more reliable system may be your best option. Even if your system is not that old, do you really want to be shelling out money for repairs over the remainder of its service life?

Hopefully, if you start to encounter such issues with your relatively new system, it will be covered under a warranty. If not, though, biting the bullet and investing in a new system can still save you money over time. The fact is that you need to be able to cool your home, and you need to do so reliably.

Your System Isn’t Right for You

So you’ve got a central AC, but you really want a ductless mini split that will double as a heater in the cooler months of the year. That right there is enough reason to move ahead with an air conditioning replacement. Just because you inherited a system with your home or made your last AC choice poorly does not mean that you should just settle for what you’ve got.

Moody Heating and Air Conditioning will make your air conditioning replacement a success.

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