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Avoid These 3 AC Practices at All Costs!

Air conditioners require a lot of help throughout their lives. Between calling us for seasonal maintenance, having repairs done, and replacing the air filter, there are a lot of tasks that need to be taken care of. Similarly to having your car’s oil changed, air conditioners require some help. However, there is a line between those qualified to perform work on your AC and those who aren’t.

With the popularity of online DIY tutorials and videos, it can be easy to think you can provide the fix in your air conditioner. We’re here to say that there are some things homeowners should never do for their air conditioners. No matter what the web tells you about DIY AC repair in Rome, GA—sometimes it’s better left to the professional.

Keep reading as we explain what you should never do to your air conditioner, no matter the circumstances.

Know Your Limits

We love DIY solutions to things, don’t get us wrong. DIY gardening, home improvements, and other skills are fun to learn and use. However, air conditioners are complex pieces of machinery that can become incredibly expensive when treated like your garden plot or your furniture. Some homeowners make the mistake of opening their system up, or trying to maintain the system themselves, only to have a more expensive repair need pop up in its place. Take a look below at some of these practices and make sure you’re not taking part in them.

Performing Maintenance

Let’s say you’ve printed out a thorough checklist of all the components in your air conditioner. That means you can perform your own inspection and maintenance, instead of paying for a professional appointment, right? Wrong.

The moment you open up the cover to your air conditioner, you could void the warranty. Not only that, but certain components of the system are tricky to check. How do you know if your coils are in good shape or not? How can you tell if there are adjustments that need to be made? Professional HVAC technicians like the ones on our team go through rigorous training to be able to notice problems or inefficiencies.

Recharging Refrigerant

Any professional HVAC contractor can provide you with a refrigerant recharge. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can just bulk up on their own refrigerant and recharge it themselves, like the propane for their grill. This is also a huge misconception that needs to be addressed.

Refrigerant is not a fuel. It is not consumed by your air conditioner. That means a refrigerant recharge might help in the moment, but there’s probably an issue causing it—like a refrigerant leak that needs to be patched. This type of air conditioning repair can’t be done by homeowners. It’s too dangerous and the parts are too expensive to have replaced. Once you realize you’re in over your head, it will be too late!

Leave It to the Pros

Luckily, there are things you can do as a homeowner. You can replace the air filter on a regular basis. You can also call us when you think there’s something wrong or notice the system running inefficiently. We can take care of it in half the time it would take for an amateur to take a look.

The team at Moody Heating and Air Conditioning has your back. Call us for any AC help you require.

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