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Boosting Your HVAC Efficiency the Easy Way

AC-tools-on-topAll of us want to live comfortably in our homes throughout the year. Doing so efficiently, however, can prove to be a little tricky. If you have an air conditioning contractor telling you that you need to buy a brand new, high-efficiency air conditioning system if you hope to boost energy efficiency, however, do not schedule your HVAC services in Canton with that individual. Yes, a high-efficiency system will obviously yield results. It’s not the only way, though.

The following tips may not cut back cooling costs the way that investing in a brand new, top of the line air conditioner would. However, not everyone is in a position where making that type of investment is feasible. Our goal is the 100% satisfaction of our customers, and sometimes that means helping them to get the best performance that their systems have to offer. When the time comes, of course, we are also happy to handle your AC replacement!

Your Ceiling Fans Are Not Purely Decorative

It’s way too hot out to be using my ceiling fans, you may be thinking, this is AC weather! Why waste the electricity running those, too? Well, you are not wasting electricity by firing up those ceiling fans. In fact, you may be able to save some—cutting back on your energy costs in the process, all without sacrificing your comfort.

Your ceiling fans are obviously not going to actively cool the air in the manner of your air conditioning system, and that’s the point. Running a compressor to power the refrigerant cycle requires more energy than keeping a fan spinning. And those ceiling fans can actually really help to keep the air cooled by your AC moving around the house. That added circulation may mean that you can turn the thermostat up a bit without it dragging down comfort.

Seal Up Serious Leaks

No, not leaks in your air conditioner—though you should definitely contact us if you suspect a refrigerant leak! We’re talking about leaks in your home’s thermal envelope. Modern homes are built tightly—too tightly, in many cases, as some natural ventilation is necessary to maintain good indoor air quality.

However, gaps between doors and windows can also allow for a lot of unwanted heat transfer in both the summer and the winter. Having your home tested for air leaks and sealed up can help you to keep heat out during the hottest time of the year. You can even add weather stripping in your doorframes and seal around windows yourself!

Don’t Skip a Single Tune-Up

Look, we are busy enough in the summer—we’re not telling you that you need a tune-up every year just to line our pockets. We’re telling you this because, well, it’s the truth! If your air conditioner is not in peak working condition, then it is simply not going to function at peak performance or efficiency levels.

Routine maintenance with a trained professional is the best thing for your air conditioner, period. Our AC maintenance technicians will make sure that your system is ready for even the hottest weather that our brutal summer season can send its way.

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