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Don’t Ignore These Last Minute AC Repairs

Sure, temperatures are still sky-high, ice cream is still your main source of nutrition, and you can’t seem to get enough sunscreen. Yes, summer is still in full swing, but it is August, which means that fall will be here before you know it. Of course, we aren’t telling you this to make you sad … we are telling you this because your AC still needs attention!

In fact, the end of summer is one of the best times to have a professional HVAC technician look over your system and make any adjustments necessary. And, if you do notice that your AC is in need of repairs, you want to make sure that it’s repaired ASAP! Why? Because an AC in disrepair is going to end up costing you your comfort and damage your wallet!

What AC Problems Should I Watch Out For?

If you did have maintenance done before summer came, your air conditioning system is probably in good shape. But, if you didn’t, it might do you well to be on the lookout for the following repairs:

A Fan Problem 

There are two fans within your air conditioner. There is the blower fan, which is also known as the evaporator fan, and the condenser fan. These fans allow the cooled air to circulate effectively within your living space. After a long summer of moving air, the fan blades can become loose, worn out, or you can experience electrical problems.

Refrigerant Leak

There is a still common misconception that refrigerant is something that runs out, like gasoline in a car. This is not the case though—your air conditioner is supplied with enough refrigerant upon installation to ideally last its entire lifespan. So if you are losing refrigerant, it means that you have a leak. This will usually be evident by a loss in cooling power. Other signs you can watch out for is a hissing or bubbling noise coming from the unit, and a frozen evaporator coil, which we’ll talk more about in a moment.

Dirty Coils

Your AC system has both an indoor and an outdoor coil. These work to regulate the heat exchange process to provide you with cool air. In other words, these coils work together to remove heat from the indoors, release it outdoors, and cool your home’s air through the refrigerant process to bring cool air back in.

Frozen Coils

Refrigerant leaks are a culprit for this problem, as are dirty coils. These are both problems that can lead to the same result. Ice on your coils means that those coils cannot properly absorb heat, and therefore your air conditioner simply can’t do its job. Remember, you can’t thaw or remove the ice on your own, since doing so can damage the system and doesn’t resolve the actual problem. But we can help you with this.

To schedule your air conditioning repair in Carrollton, GA, or to learn more about our services, contact the team at Moody Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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