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Don’t Let Your AC Dry Out Your Home

waterThere is simply no denying just how important it is that your air conditioner functions properly in this part of the country. And, considering how humid it can be around here, you may actually think that it is a good thing that your air conditioner will naturally remove some of the humidity in the air within your home. And it is … to a certain extent. We don’t just excel in HVAC services in Kennesaw, GA, however. We are also indoor air quality experts, and we’re here to warn you against drying out your home too much.

The best way in which to do so is to use a whole-house humidifier in conjunction with your air conditioner system. There is just no better way to guarantee that your home is cool and comfortable without the air getting overly dried out. So read on, and remember to contact a member of our team if you are ready to schedule humidifier services or IAQ services in general. We’re here to keep your home not just comfortable, but healthful, as well.

Air Conditioners Are Not Dehumidifiers

Let us just jump out ahead of this one. No, air conditioners are not dehumidifiers. No, if your home is prone to issues with high humidity levels, you cannot use a central air conditioner and expect it to fix the problem. So why are we concerned about ACs dehumidifying the air too much?

Because we run them pretty much nonstop throughout the summer season, and the cooling season is really, really long around here. That means that, if your home doesn’t have a high humidity level, to begin with, the AC can definitely dry it out too much. And too little humidity is no better than too much!

But I Did Not Set My Air Conditioner to “Dehumidify Mode”

We know you didn’t because that’s not a thing. The dehumidification effect that air conditioners have on a home is a natural byproduct of its cooling process, not a designated function. As the air conditioner draws heat out of the air, moisture in the air will collect on the evaporator coil. The moisture then drips off into the condensate drain pan and out through the drain line. If this is happening in too high an amount, the air in your home will be too dry.

That can lead to increased instances of illness and asthma/respiratory issue flare-ups. It can also lead to increased instances of static shock, splitting wooden floorboards, cracked skin, chapped lips, and other issues.

We Install Whole-House Humidifiers

A whole-house humidifier is a much better option than a portable unit for those homeowners really struggling with such symptoms. You are not going to have to move the humidifier around the house. You don’t have to refill a water tank. And, the humidifier can run independently of the AC when you need humidification but not cooling.

These systems do require professional installation and ongoing service, so be sure to schedule your humidifier services with the pros here at Moody Heating and Air Conditioning.

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