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How Damaged Ducts Affect ACs

ductsIf your air conditioner were making a strange new sound or failed to start up as temperatures rose throughout the house, then you would probably waste little time in contacting a member of our team for professional HVAC services in Acworth, GA, right? After all, you want to live comfortably and, around here, that means that your air conditioner really needs to be functioning properly. Unfortunately, not all AC problems are so easy to spot.

Take, for instance, problems with your ductwork. These issues don’t develop in the AC cabinets directly, but rather in the air distribution system snaking throughout your home. They are still going to have serious implications for your AC system, however, and the fact that your air ducts are mostly hidden from view only serves to complicate matters. Today, we’ll explore how damaged ducts can affect your system and the other problems they can cause.

Why Leaky/Damaged Ducts Are a Problem

If you use a forced air HVAC system such as a central AC or heat pump, then all of the air conditioned by that system is going to be distributed through your home via a system of air ducts. Damaged ducts, then, are going to cause a number of different problems.

  • Inefficiency is a major one, and is one of the first to catch the homeowner’s attention. We use our air conditioners a lot around here, and the comfort that they allow for does not come for free. If your system is trying to cool your home with leaky ductwork, then it is going to do so with seriously reduced efficiency. Heat will infiltrate the system through tears and leaks, and your AC has to work overtime.
  • Reduced indoor air quality is another common problem in homes with leaky ductwork. If there are points of entry in this system, then pollutants can and will make their way in. Once they have, the ducts themselves are going to be responsible for distributing those pollutants throughout the house! Repairing/sealing ductwork promptly can help you to live in a cleaner, more healthful environment.
  • Hot spots throughout the home (and cool spots when heating your home in the winter) are bound to develop in those areas affected by the duct leaks/damages. You know what’s worse than living in discomfort in your home? Overpaying for comfort that you’re not getting!
  • Excessive wear and tear on your system can also result in damage to the air conditioner. The worse shape that your ducts are in, the more work the system is going to have to cool your home. Over time, this is going to translate into damage caused by excessive wear and tear.

We Seal, Repair, And Replace Air Ducts

If you have leaky air ducts, finding the source of the leaks can be a challenge. Repairing/sealing those leaks up effectively is even more of a challenge. Fortunately, it is not something you’ll need to do on your own—nor should you ever attempt to!

Instead, hire our professional technicians to seal your ducts for you. We always do the job the right way, for lasting results.

Schedule your AC and IAQ services with Moody Heating and Air Conditioning.

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