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How IAQ Services Benefit Your AC

filter-mediaYour air conditioner serves a very specific function, in that it is used solely to cool your home. While it may dehumidify the air as it cools, it is not a whole-house dehumidifier. While it may have an air filter in place that you need to change every month or so, it is not an air filtration system. This is not to say that your air conditioner is not tied to your indoor air quality, though, or that the use of IAQ systems cannot benefit your AC.

We obviously live in a very hot part of the country, and you really need great HVAC services in Blue Ridge, GA. Don’t count on your AC alone to keep your home as comfortable as possible, though. Remember that we are here to handle your indoor air quality services for you, as well. Taking a multi-pronged approach to comfort in your home is always going to be in your best interest.

It Is Harder to Cool Very Humid Air

We mentioned above (and actually discussed more in-depth in our last blog) the fact that an air conditioner does indeed dehumidify the air somewhat as it operates. This is because moisture condenses as air is cooled, and that condensation is drained away by the air conditioning system. If an air conditioner is working away in a very humid home, its performance can actually be impeded by the level of humidity in the air.

That is why you may want to consider using a whole-house dehumidifier in conjunction with your air conditioner. Yes, as we pointed out last time, overly humid air is actually very problematic. It makes it harder for the system to cool the air, resulting in longer run times. That results in higher energy costs. Worse yet, the performance is going to suffer, meaning that you may actually be paying more for a lesser performance from your home cooling system. A whole-house dehumidifier can handle (the appropriate amount of) dehumidification, leaving your AC to do what it does best.

Dirty Air Leads to Cooling Issues, Too

The air filter in your AC system is there to prevent issues stemming from pollutants in the air having a negative impact on your air conditioning system. This type of air filter is not there to actually clean up the air throughout your home. Not only can a designated air filtration system or air purifier help you to breathe cleaner, more healthful air in your home, but it can also help you to protect your AC system!

When pollutants build up in your AC’s air filter, it can increase airflow resistance to the point where airflow is really reduced. That can drive up energy costs. It can also lead to the icing of the evaporator coil, further impeding operation. Your system may start to short cycle, reducing energy efficiency further while putting further strain on the system. This is not even to mention the effects of pollutants building up in your ductwork! Cleaning the air in your home is a great way to prevent such AC problems.

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