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Why Pre-Season AC Maintenance Is a Smart Choice

comfortable-woman-on-couchOkay, so summer isn’t exactly “just around the corner”; we still have a few more months cooler temperatures before we will even think about turning our air conditioners on, right? But now is the best time to start thinking about your air conditioning system. We know it’s hard to think about summer when you’ve just got done unwrapping presents and sipping hot cocoa, but we can assure you, now is the right time!

Scheduling pre-season AC maintenance is one of the best ways to prepare for our long, hot Georgia summers. Our technicians at Moody Heating & Air want to help you be prepared! We offer a wide variety of services, including AC maintenance in Rome, GA. If you are still skeptical about the benefits of arranging for pre-season maintenance, keep reading! We have outlined some of them for you. 

So, Why Do Maintenance Now?

Scheduling your AC maintenance now can put you at a huge advantage. Here’s how:

It’s convenient

When summer hits, many homeowners take notice of problems they hadn’t been aware of before, leaving them desperate for professional repair services, so appointments book up fast. When you schedule your AC services ahead of the summer rush, there are numerous openings and you are more likely to find an appointment that is convenient fit with your schedule.

There’s more time for repair

Let’s say that during your pre-season maintenance visit, the technician spots a problem. Scheduling pre-season services means that there is more time to repair any issues that may exist before summer strikes. When a problem surfaces in the midst of the summer, lengthy repairs could leave you uncomfortable for quite some time. It is better to resolve any issues before they become an inconvenience to you and your household’s comfort.

It increases AC reliability

When homeowners don’t think about the status of their ACs before summer, they run the risk of operating an unreliable system. Scheduling maintenance ahead of time means that you’ll enter the summer season knowing that your air conditioner is ready to combat the heat.

It boosts efficiency

In general, preventative maintenance is the best way to increase or maintain your the efficiency of your HVAC system. Over time, your AC is bound to suffer from the everyday wear and tear that it’s exposed to, so we schedule maintenance to reduce the impact of this stress on your system. Scheduling maintenance now grants you the ability to run an efficient system at the start of the season, rather than waiting until your utility bills skyrocket to take action.

It maintains your comfort

There is nothing quite like entering your cool, comfortable home after being out in the hot sun all day. If your system isn’t ready for the summer, there is a chance that you won’t find much relief inside your home. Scheduling AC services now allow for a seamless transition from the heating to the cooling season and minimal disruption in your level of comfort.

Contact Moody Heating & Air to schedule your AC maintenance today!

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