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Your Step by Step Air Filter Guide

We talk about air filters a lot on this blog. They’re an integral part of your air conditioner and should be replaced every 1 to 3 months. This is your most basic form of AC maintenance in Rome, GA. You’ve probably heard us say those lines so many times that it makes you groan!

While this might be true, we rarely ever talk about exactly how a homeowner is supposed to change their air filter. This has become more of an important process to highlight, since it doesn’t make sense for us to expect homeowners to do this on their own if they’ve never been taught how.

As your local HVAC experts, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to teach you just how to replace your air conditioner’s air filter. We’ll go into detail about where it’s located, what to do, and how to be sure it’s been replaced correctly.

Follow Along

Feel free to print out this guide. Hang it up on your refrigerator or on a bulletin board in your home, because it will be something helpful to follow along when you’re replacing your air filter. This process shouldn’t be very intensive, so if you find yourself opening up panels and digging into the internal areas of your air conditioner, you’ll know you’ve gone way too far.

1. Turn It Off

This is an important step to remember because changing your air filter while your system is on is always a bad idea and can sometimes trigger problems. By shutting your system off first, you guarantee that no air is going to be pushed through the system while you’re changing the filter, which will help the interior components last longer.

2. Locate the Air Intake

The air filter is located where air is brought in by the system. This is known as the “air intake,” the “return air intake,” or even the “air intake grill” depending on what model you have or what it looks like. Most air conditioners have theirs on the ceiling or an area that’s clearly visible so you can see it. This is where the air filter is located.

3. Replace the Filter

This is a bit trickier of a step. Depending on your air conditioner’s brand, model, and size, you’re going to need to either replace the old filter with a new one, or clean the reusable filter. Different systems use different filters, so we advise you to check on the manual of your air conditioner, or at least call our team for help. Trying to clean a disposable filter, or throwing out a reusable one can be a frustrating experience, so try to know exactly what you’re doing before you do it. Once you’ve replaced the air filter and correctly repositioned it back into the system, you can move on.

4. Turn It Back On

At this point, turn your air conditioner back on and take a moment to listen and feel. If you hear any noises, smell any strange odors, or don’t feel quite as cooled down after a few minutes of use, then there could be something wrong. If everything goes smoothly, however, then you’ve successfully replaced your air filter.

Call the team at Moody Heating and Air Conditioning if you need further help with your air filter.

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