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Take Advantage of AC Maintenance Services

If you were to meet someone who told you that they never changed the oil in their car but they drove it without a care in the world, you’d think they were crazy. You’d probably walk away from that encounter thinking, “how could someone drive their car in good conscience while knowing that the engine is falling apart due to low maintenance?” We’re right there with you.

So, let’s flip this around and ponder the same thing about your air conditioner. Many homeowners believe that AC maintenance in Rome is an “optional” service, when it’s really necessary for the efficiency and efficacy of your system. Where do you stand on that spectrum? Do you believe AC maintenance is optional or that it’s necessary?

If you’re in the former, then we’ve got a lot to talk about. Keep reading as we get into the details of why AC maintenance is vital and how you can take advantage of it.

Necessary Benefits Vs. Optional Benefits

Air conditioning maintenance provides two things: benefits that are necessary to the operation of your AC, and benefits that provide you with an easier time being an AC owner. Necessary benefits might include somethings like minor adjustments or repairs to ensure it keeps working throughout the summer, while optional benefits include savings and discounts on future repairs. Let’s take a look at the difference more closely.

The Need for AC Maintenance

When signing up for air conditioning maintenance, it’s just like going to get your oil changed in your car. This is something that every AC owner should do annually. It gives a professional HVAC technician a chance to lubricate certain ball bearings and parts that receive a lot of friction, make adjustments to efficiency levels, and even repair small issues that were bound to become big later on. This comprehensive care includes a thorough checklist where a technician goes through each and every component of your system to give you the green light as to whether it will work effectively throughout the summer.

Additional Benefits

Each HVAC service provider is going to have their own take on their maintenance program. This gives us a chance to provide the necessary care required for your AC to function, while also forming a relationship with you as a customer as you take advantage of some of our benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Two maintenance trips a year.
  • $49.00 Service calls.
  • Five-year parts and labor warranty.
  • 20% Discount on all parts installed.

Do you have a heat pump that needs two maintenance visits a year? No problem! Our maintenance program allows for increased flexibility and savings from homeowners that choose us. These are the optional benefits we talk about, things that you should absolutely take advantage of if you can. When allowing your HVAC system to have routine maintenance, and signing up for a plan that’s designed to save you money, you really can’t go wrong.

Don’t be like that car owner who never changes his oil. Be the sensible HVAC owner who always gets maintenance done annually, because now you know how important it is!

Call the crew at Moody Heating and Air Conditioning for comprehensive AC maintenance services!

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