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Is It Too Late for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

service-timer-air-conditioningAn air conditioner will not run smoothly forever. Every electro-mechanical system runs into trouble at some point—but there are ways to prevent this. Regularly changing the air filter, for example, helps to regulate airflow, and without a clean filter your air conditioner could run into a number of problems throughout the season.

And perhaps the most important step in preventing air conditioner damage and improving efficiency throughout the summer is scheduling a tune-up. A professional AC tune-up is something we think any home with a central air conditioner should have done annually. But this late into the season, is it worth it to skip the tune-up? Can you or should you have one right now?

More Info on AC Tune-Ups

In case you need a primer on why an AC tune-up is beneficial for your system and for your bills, this service involves an advanced cleaning and adjustment of the system you cannot do without the right training and experience.

First, there’s the inspection. Technicians use a variety of tools to test refrigerant levels, airflow, and other factors that could have an immense effect on the way your air conditioner runs. They may recommend making a repair to your air conditioner so that you can prevent major breakdowns from the system in the near future.

Then, your technician will provide a cleaning and tune-up of your system. Cleaning the coils and adjusting pressure levels can help to prevent AC repairs and keep the system running smoothly for a lower cost.

Our Tune-Up Recommendations

We recommend scheduling an air conditioner tune-up once a year, preferably in the springtime. That way, throughout the summertime, you won’t have to worry so much about system breakdowns. While a tune-up cannot guarantee AC repair prevention, it’s a lot less likely. It’s better to do this as soon as possible in order to reduce the wear and tear on the system going into the season.

It’s Not Too Late!

Still, it’s not too late to get the tune-up you need to keep your air conditioner in the best possible condition for the rest of summer and, in our service area, into the fall. The hotter weather can run late in Georgia, and a breakdown could prove catastrophic when you have family members who need an AC to run smoothly.

Wouldn’t you rather schedule an appointment to prevent or detect repair needs now, on your own time? An emergency AC repair is a hassle, it can cost far more than it should have to, and you may not get a technician to come out right when you need it.

It’s not too late! Schedule your AC maintenance appointment today!

Here’s How to Prevent Future Scheduling Issues

We know that a busy schedule can get in the way of routine maintenance, and it’s something that’s easy to forget when your air conditioner seems to be running just fine. That’s why we recommend signing up for a local maintenance program.

A maintenance plan provides you with standard tune-ups twice a year, and you’ll get calls or emails to remind you of service. Depending on the company, your membership also affords you discounts on all service calls throughout the year.

Contact Moody Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule your AC tune-up in Cartersville, GA.

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