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What’s This Water Leaking Out of My AC?

AC-units-outsideThere are a lot of potential problems that you may encounter with your home cooling system. Some of them are pretty run of the mill. You might not be too surprised, for instance, to find that your air conditioner is blowing warm air at some point. Other problems are a bit more perplexing, however, such as the development of water leaking out of your air conditioner. This begs not only the question of what’s wrong, but where the water is coming from to begin with. After all, air conditioners don’t use water in their operation.

Don’t worry, though. We know that you are not imagining symptoms that aren’t really there. The fact is that water may spill out of your air conditioner, though it is not exactly a “leak” the way that you may think of it. While there are a few different potential reasons behind this phenomenon, and not all are terribly serious, we have to remind you that prompt air conditioning repairs in Cartersville, GA are always in your best interest.

Water, Water Everywhere

Okay, so what is the mysterious source of this water spilling from your air conditioning system? Well, it’s not the most exciting answer, but chances are high that it is just condensation. As you probably know, an air conditioner, while not a dehumidifier, does indeed dry out the air somewhat as it cools down a home. As you definitely know, we tend to have humid conditions around here during the summer months. If the apparatus used to drain condensation out of your home is in any way compromised, then the water can back up into your living space.

Condensation collects on the evaporator coil as it is drawn out of the air being cooled. It drips into a condensate drain pan and is then drained away from the house via a condensate drain line. If this drain line is blocked by algae, crushed, or torn, the water will leak out. If the pan is corroded or misaligned, the water will leak out. It’s a simple fix in either case, but ignoring the issue and throwing down a towel to absorb the water can lead to serious water damage in your home.

It Could Be More Serious

Another potential cause of the problem that has an easy fix is a dirty air filter causing enough airflow restriction to create icing. Simple as changing a filter might be, the effects of leaving a dirty filter in and allowing ice to build up can be serious. You put strain on the system when it’s iced over, and this strain can lead to a lot of wear and tear on your system.

A much more serious issue is a refrigerant leak. This too can lead to icing, and you cannot resolve the problem on your own. That is why, whatever you may think is the cause of the water around the system, you should always contact us right away to determine the true cause. It’s not always something simple.

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