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When Is an Air Conditioning Replacement Advisable?

With the heat and humidity that we experience in this part of the country, the air conditioner in your home is absolutely one of its most important systems in it. Your AC is going to be used a lot, each and every day, for a substantial part of the year. Even if you keep your system well maintained and schedule prompt repairs, there is going to come a time when you need an air conditioning replacement.

Read on for some tips regarding when an AC replacement may be in your best interest. When you decide that the time has come, be sure to schedule service with our team. We’ll install your replacement cooling system in your home with the expertise that the job requires.

Age. Efficiency. Reliability.

How old is your central air conditioning system? All central air conditioners have a finite lifespan, with the average being in the 15 to 20 year range. Because of our humid climate and the amount of strain put on our systems, the lifespan of your system may not be as long as in other areas, where air conditioners are used less regularly. Regardless of how long your AC can last, though, you will likely want to replace it before it reaches the end of the road. As your system ages, it is going to start to slip in overall performance quality. Plus, as technology advances, newer systems are going to outpace those that are even just 10 years old.

Efficiency is a big factor to consider if you’re thinking about replacing your air conditioner. If it’s more than 10 years old, for instance, it’s very likely that you could save a substantial amount of energy by upgrading to a newer system. AC efficiency is measured with SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It’s possible that, at the time of purchasing your current system, you could not afford the level of efficiency that you can today. That alone is enough reason to consider a replacement.

Then there is the more obvious sign that replacement is necessary: unreliability. If you are frequently paying to have your system repaired, you have to really ask yourself if it is still worth it. Just because it can be repaired does not mean that it should be. Replacing your system with a more reliable one can help you to save a lot of money in repair costs.

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