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Problems with a Reversing Valve?

It’s no secret that heat pumps in Rome, GA are a big hit. People love the option of buying one system that can both heat and cool their homes all year. And, as an added bonus, these systems keep us comfortable at some of the lowest prices possible with their high efficiency. Basically, we’re glad that homeowners are taking advantage of this type of heating and cooling system, and we’d like to be the heat pump experts of the area.

As such, we need to approach a problem that many people might be dealing with. Since heat pumps have two distinct modes—heating and cooling—it’s important to be able to switch between them. This is done through a component called the reversing valve. If you’re having trouble switching the mode of your heat pump, or it’s pouring out cold air during the winter when it’s not supposed to, then you might need professional repairs.

Reversing Valve: How It Works

In order for your heat pump to properly keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer, refrigerant needs to be cycled from an indoor unit to an outdoor unit. During the wintertime, the refrigerant is compressed and evaporates outside, causing it to draw in heat from the outdoor environment (even if the temperature is cold). Then, when the refrigerant is brought indoors, it is decompressed and condenses, causing the heat to disperse into the air of your home. It’s a simple process that’s very effective during our mild winters.

During the summer, this process is reversed. The reversing valve is the central component in this, as it can cause the flow of refrigerant to run in the opposite direction and allow for heat to be pulled out of your home during the summer and proper air conditioning to be performed. Without this valve, there’s no way for the system to signal that the refrigerant should flow in a different direction, and you could be stuck with an air conditioner in the middle of winter!

What’s Going on

It’s pretty clear when you’re suffering from problems with the reversing valve. For starters, your thermostat might say it’s switched from cooling to heating mode, but you still feel cool air coming from the vents. This is usually a clear sign that something is wrong with either your thermostat or the reversing valve.

We’ve Got You Covered

Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a problem from your thermostat or reversing valve, there’s not much you can do as a homeowner. Luckily, this kind of repair isn’t too extensive and can often be pretty affordable, so you shouldn’t be afraid to call for help. Reversing valves are individual components that can be replaced quite simply, and a thermostat is one of the more affordable parts of an HVAC system to replace.

Basically, sitting in discomfort because your heat pump won’t switch into a different mode is not an option. Only using one-half of your system’s capabilities is a bad idea. Call us and we promise we’ll fix the problem at an affordable price.

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