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Beware of a Cracked Heat Exchanger!

We talk a lot about heater problems on this blog. Many of them are problems that decrease the efficiency of your heater, make it unstable, or just make it not work the way you want it to. Rarely are there any immediate safety issues that have to be addressed the moment they occur. A problem with your heat exchanger definitely is one of them though.

If you’ve never heard the term “heat exchanger” before, don’t worry. It’s not a well-known term outside of this industry, so we’re not startled when homeowners don’t know about it. Basically, if your furnace repair in Dallas, GA includes your heat exchanger, there could be a real threat of leaking gas or carbon monoxide in your home. We’re going to talk about how you might know if you’re suffering from a problem with your heat exchanger, and what you can do about it!

What Is the Heat Exchanger?

Good question! Let’s get right to it. The heat exchanger is a small, clam-shaped metal component that exists deep inside your gas furnace. It’s responsible for funneling the clean air you’re going to be breathing separately through the furnace so that it gets heated up without the fumes and exhaust that comes from combustion. Basically, it’s the last line of defense keeping you from getting sick from carbon monoxide or stopping any gas from leaking into your home. Without your heat exchanger, your furnace would just be one big fire in your basement!

There are various things that could go wrong with your heater, but only a handful of them could become problems with your heat exchanger. Make sure you view these problems in a separate category, as they could signal that there’s a safety concern in your home!

Ready to Rumble

Heaters are not supposed to rumble, vibrate, boom, or make any sort of jarring noises. It doesn’t matter if it’s been doing it since the day it was installed, or if it’s only done it a couple of times, it’s usually a bad sign. Any time there’s some vibration or rumbling in your heater, there’s a chance that your heat exchanger can crack. Since your heat exchanger is responsible for keeping the fresh air for your home separate from the fumes of combustion, this can turn into a serious problem if it’s allowed to continue.

Strange Smells and Feelings

While you might be able to hear a crack opening up in your heat exchanger, you might be able to notice one as well. If you’re suffering from a gas or exhaust leak in your house, you could start noticing the signs. For gas leaks, you’ll pick up the rotten egg smell that we associate with leaking gas. For carbon monoxide, any headaches, fatigue, memory loss, or nausea should be noticed and addressed by a doctor. Turn your heater off and call for help when this occurs.

An easy solution to this problem is to have CO and smoke detectors in your house! This will make it much easier for an automatic sensor to pick up when there’s something wrong, so you can avoid the risk entirely.

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