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Change the Air Filter in Your Forced Air Heater!

While nighttime temperatures are chilly lately, looking ahead in the forecast reveals that the days are cooling off as well. Before long, we’ll be seeing daily highs that can’t escape the 40s. This means that you are only going to be using your heater more over the course of the next few weeks.

If you want your furnace or heat pump to function effectively and efficiently, it is vital that you keep a fresh filter in your system. All forced air heaters use air filters, and all forced air heaters will suffer if their filters are not kept fresh. Here are some tips from the Rome, GA heating professionals on our team.

Why Is the Filter Change Important?

Changing the air filter is important for a number of reasons. First of all, it helps to keep your forced air heating system working at peak efficiency levels. The harder that your system has to work in order to force air through the filter, the more energy it is going to use in its operation.

Changing the air filter regularly also helps your system to operate effectively. If the heater is struggling to move air throughout your home, it is not going to heat your home as successfully as it should. It may even short cycle, as heat gets trapped in the system and it overheats.

Of course, changing the filter will also help to protect your indoor air quality. These standard filters aren’t really there to boost air quality throughout your home. Their primary function is to protect the system itself from pollutants. Even so, a dirty filter will let pollutants into the system, even allowing them to go around the filter, and that will introduce them into the different areas of your living space.

How Do I Change the Air Filter?

Changing an air filter is very simple. The filter filters the air before it enters the furnace or the indoor unit of a heat pump. That means it is located between the duct delivering air into the system and the system itself. There is usually a shutter or door that you’ll have to open to remove the existing filter.

Once you’ve removed it, simply slide the new filter into place. Remember that the filter will have to face a certain way. There should be an arrow or some other visual cue to ensure that this is the case. Finally, we recommend writing the change date on the side of the new filter, so that you know exactly when you replaced it.

If you have any questions, contact the heating professionals on the Moody Heating and Air Conditioning team.

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