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Dealing with a Heater Breakdown? Don’t Panic

It’s getting colder and colder each evening. The temperatures steadily drop and as you get cozy in bed, you drift off to sleep knowing that your heater is churning out warmth that will keep you safe, secure, and sleepy. That’s all wonderful until your heater churns out a groan and shuts down completely, rendering your home cold and uncomfortable. This is a nightmare scenario.

We’re here to tell you that heating breakdowns do occur and that you shouldn’t panic. Panic can turn any problem with HVAC in Cartersville, GA into a catastrophe and we’re trying to avoid catastrophes in general!

Here’s an idea—why not keep reading this blog post and get a good checklist for what to do when your heater breaks down? Take the panic and tough decisions out of the mix and keep this list handy so that you know exactly what to do when the moment strikes.

Step 1: Shut It Down

It’s time to face the facts. There’s nothing that untrained hands can do at this point to help your heating system turn back on effectively. Even if you were able to turn it back on and get it running again, who is to say that it won’t break down again? The problem isn’t getting it to run, it’s figuring out why it broke down in the first place. Until that part happens, you’re stuck with a useless heating system that isn’t going to provide the warmth you need.

Step 2: Call for Help

This might be a spoiler, but we’re putting this step as high on the list as we can. It’s important to let your HVAC professional know as soon as possible when your heater breaks down. Once they know that there’s a problem, then you’re on your way to having it fixed or perhaps replaced if that’s the right solution. There’s a big difference between trying to do repairs yourself based on a DIY instructional video you found, and having a trained professional do the repairs themselves. Always opt for the latter option, and you’re better off waiting for help from a pro.

Step 3: Survey the Damage

Were there any noises the system made before it broke down? Or perhaps you noticed some electrical problems occur right before the incident? Any information you can gather as to why it broke down, how it broke down, or when it broke down, will help a professional when they’re finally able to address the unit. Talk about any funky smells, any strange noises, and any weird phenomenon you’ve been encountering with your heating.

Step 4: Keep Warm and Safe

Work with your prospective HVAC provider to figure out when you’ll get heat again. Focus on you and your family for now. Perhaps it’s a good idea to book a hotel room for a couple of days while this gets sorted out. Ensuring everyone is comfortable and safe is priority number one, and you will have a quality heating system running in your home if you work with the right professionals.

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