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Furnace FAQ: What’s That Burning Odor?

The furnace really needs no introduction. This type of heating system may well be the most popular in the entire country, and it is not hard to understand why. The furnace is a forced-air heating system, meaning that it delivers heated air throughout the house for prompt, effective warmth. Furnaces are quite affordable when compared to many other heaters, and can operate very efficiently. What they are not, though, is perfect.

There is a good chance that you are going to encounter problems of some kind with your furnace eventually. When you do, the best course of action is to schedule prompt and professional furnace repairs in Cartersville, GA. The longer you hold off on necessary repairs, the greater the risk of damage to your furnace, as well as threats to your safety.

Why Does the Furnace Smell of Burning?

There are a few situations in which your furnace may emit a burning odor. Generally, this is not a good sign. Here are a few potential causes of the problems:

  • Dust buildup is one of the most common causes of burning odors coming from furnaces. It is also one of the most benign. If you fire up the furnace for the first time of the year and smell burning, it is likely due to dust having accumulated on the burner/heating element. If the odor persists, though, this is probably not the case.
  • Dirty air filters can cause a similar problem, among many others. Changing your air filter as needed is a vital step in routine furnace maintenance, and one you can handle yourself. If your air filter is too dirty, the blower may overheat or pollutants can be introduced to the system, causing the burning odor.
  • Electrical problems could also be behind the burning odor, and this is a much more serious situation. If your wiring is getting hot enough to melt its casing, for instance, there is a real risk of a fire hazard. This is why you should never wait to schedule furnace services.

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