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Gas or Electric: Which Furnace Is Right for Me?

There are a lot of reasons why furnaces are as popular as they are. They are relatively affordable when compared to other heaters. They are also capable of heating homes very effectively and efficiently when properly sized and professionally installed.

Even if you know that you want to use a furnace, though, there is still more to consider. The big question for most homeowners is whether they’ll use a natural gas or an electric furnace. Both have their benefits, and we want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new furnace in Rome, GA.

Natural Gas Is Cheaper

First things first, the deciding factor when choosing a new furnace usually comes down to affordability. That is where natural gas typically has an advantage. While electric furnaces are actually incredibly efficient, as they don’t lose any heat to flue gasses, they also use electricity to generate heat. Because electricity is more expensive than natural gas, it is very likely that you’ll still wind up spending more to heat your home with an electric furnace.

Electricity Is Everywhere

Most homes today have access to electricity. This shouldn’t be a controversial statement. Not every home has access to a natural gas line, and those homeowners without existing hookups may not want to bother having natural gas piped into their homes. Because chances are good that electricity is already available in the house, many homeowners choose to use this resource to heat their homes.

Ultimately, the decision between an electric or natural gas furnace is yours to make. Generally speaking, however, natural gas models are probably more popular. Natural gas is not only more affordable, but also can be used in order to fuel ovens, ranges, clothes dryers, water heaters, etc. You can do all that with electricity, but again: it’s more expensive.

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