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Get Your Heating Maintenance Out of the Way

One hazard of living in a warm climate, as we do here in Georgia, is getting caught off-guard when the intense heat of summer finally subsides, and the chill of the winter season is reintroduced into the air. If your heater is not prepared in advance for the upcoming heating season, you may try to convince yourself that you can power through another season of use—just this once, of course—and have it tuned up when spring arrives.

Scheduling heating maintenance in spring is actually fine, provided that you are on an annual schedule of having it tuned up in the spring. You shouldn’t be doubling on usage periods before scheduling maintenance for any reason. That is why now is such a good time to schedule routine heating maintenance in Rome, GA.

Efficiency. Performance. Reliability.

These are three of the reasons for scheduling routine heating maintenance. While we may not use our heaters quite as extensively as we do our air conditioning systems over the course of the year, heating your home does not come free of charge. Only when every component in your heating system, from the burners to the fan and system controls, is working properly can you hope for that system to function as efficiently as possible. The higher the efficiency, the more affordable your heating.

Of course, heating your home affordably is not really worth it if you are not heating it effectively. Maintenance takes care of this too, fortunately. A professional heating tune-up entails much more than simply changing out the air filter in a furnace or heat pump. It is a thorough inspection and assessment of a system as a whole, and a tune-up of all its parts.

Finally, there is the issue of reliability. Simply put, you cannot count on a poorly maintained heating system to be there for you when you need it most. After all, problems are most likely to surface when your system is under the most strain. Don’t allow your heater to let you down this winter.

Schedule your heating maintenance with the professional technicians on the Moody Heating and Air Conditioning team.

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