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Help Protect Your HVAC System

technician-workingWe would love to use this post to announce the breaking news that there is a new fleet of heaters and air conditioners on the market that are guaranteed never to give you any problems whatsoever. This blog is rooted in fact, however, and that scenario is still in the realm of fiction. Instead, we’re going to give you some helpful pointers today for protecting your HVAC system. Remember, investing in great systems is not going to mean much if you don’t take a few basic precautionary measures.

Nothing we’re going to suggest today is going to require intensive training on your end in order to be accomplished. In fact, these tips will require pretty minimal effort all around. Protecting your HVAC system does not need to be a complicated affair. It just requires some due diligence on your end. If you have any questions, or you require any HVAC services, contact the Dallas, GA HVAC pros on our staff.

Change Those Filters

Do you use a forced-air heating system? A central AC? Ductless mini splits? Let’s put it this way: if your HVAC system blows air into your home, then this tip is for you. Change your air filters regularly! Failure to do so can result in a number of different problems.

The major one, and the one that is at the root of a few others, is increased airflow resistance. Increased airflow resistance means reduced energy efficiency. It could also mean a lot of additional strain on the system for no real reason, which can lead to operational problems and short cycling. It could also mean that air bypasses the filter, following a path of least resistance around the filter and introducing pollutants into the air in your home.

Keep Surrounding Areas Clean

Every now and then, take a walk around the outdoor unit of your AC system or heat pump, as well as the interior space around your furnace/air handler. Keep these areas free and clear of any type of debris or clutter.

Allowing materials to build up on top of outdoor units or to pile up around indoor units can lead to materials falling into these systems, or cutting down on airflow. It will only take a few minutes to clear the area up, and it can help to keep air moving while preventing issues that could result in unsafe operating conditions.

Schedule Maintenance

Changing filters and maintaining clean areas around HVAC units is important. The best thing that you can do for your system overall, though, is to be sure and schedule routine HVAC maintenance on an annual basis. You seriously do not want your system to miss even one tune-up. It does not take long for the resulting issues to start snowballing.

Routine maintenance helps to keep system efficient. It wards off repair needs, and allows your technician to discover developing issues early on. There is absolutely no downside to routine maintenance, and our maintenance program makes it easier than ever to enjoy the many benefits that annual tune-ups allow for.

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