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HVAC Tips: When to Replace

furnace-technicianIf you ever happen across a blog telling you about how you can make your HVAC system last forever, do not waste your time reading it. We know HVAC systems inside and out. We are continually honing our skills and doing everything possible to remain up to date on changes and advancements in the industry. We can tell you, with all certainty, that there is no such thing as an HVAC system that will last forever.

It is more difficult to tell you when you’ll need to replace your system than it is to tell you that you’ll eventually need to. A lot of factors will influence the decision to replace your HVAC system, and you don’t want to wait for your system to break down completely before doing so. Today, the Canton, GA HVAC pros on our team will share some information with you regarding when to start thinking about replacing your system.

Age Is Most Definitely a Factor

My heater or air conditioner is still running, so why think about replacing it? This is a common attitude among thrifty homeowners, but it is also one that results in those homeowners shortchanging themselves. That an old HVAC system is still operational does not mean it is still worth operating. There have been a lot of changes in the industry over the years, and some old heaters and ACs are—if not obsolete—quite behind the times.

This can be reflected in a lack of technology that results in higher energy costs than modern systems would present, for example. Or maybe your system cannot accommodate smart thermostat technology or is not able to be retrofitted with a zone control system. Whatever the case, there are certain benefits made possible by more modern systems that you may be missing out on.

So Is Reliability

A lot of people think that because their systems can be repaired, it means that their systems should be repaired. This is not always the case. There are situations, particularly when taking in factors such as age, in which a full replacement is going to be the better option. Frequency of repair needs should also be considered.

If your system is unreliable, you are putting yourself at risk for discomfort just when you need that system the most. By replacing your system, you can also avoid sinking more money into an old system that is not going to last much longer, anyway. Yes, there is the initial cost to consider. However, the benefits that a new system can afford will justify that cost and help you to recoup that investment over time.

As Well As Your Overall Satisfaction

Many homeowners purchase homes that already have heaters and air conditioners. But there are many different HVAC systems on the market. What are the odds you’ll wind up with the exact systems that you’d have chosen for yourself?

Sure, you probably aren’t going to replace a system that is only a couple of years old. If it really does not suit your personal preferences, however, it is definitely worth considering. Ultimately, it’s not just about system performance. It’s also about your satisfaction and user experience.

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