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Is Your Heater Ready for Action?

hello-winterWe know, we know. It’s not as if temperatures are really cold out there right now. And yes, we know that our winters are fairly mild. We also know, however, that you are going to really regret it if you let this convince you that you don’t need to schedule heating maintenance in Rome, GA each and every year. We may not deal with subzero temperatures and heavy snowfalls, but it still gets plenty chilly enough to necessitate a great heating performance.

And when it comes to a great heating performance, great heating maintenance is the key. No, you cannot tune up your heater on your own. No, you cannot expect your heater to function at peak levels if you fail to schedule routine heating maintenance, either. Yes, this means even once. You may not think your heater is getting that much of a workout, but it incurs more wear and tear than you may realize. Scheduling your tune-up each season with our team prevents that wear and tear from snowballing.

Don’t Waste Your Money!

No, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t waste your money on heating maintenance. Quite the opposite, actually. You shouldn’t waste your money by failing to schedule routine maintenance. Paying for maintenance is one of the most effective ways in which to keep more money in your budget. How so?

Well, a poorly maintained heater is not one that is going to operate at peak efficiency levels. Even if your system is running reliably, and that’s a big “if,” your heater will almost certainly cost you more money to heat your home. More than it should, in fact. By keeping every component in that system in fine working condition, you help to minimize heating costs.

Plus, there is the matter of heating repairs. Now, your heater may not break down entirely because you miss a single heating tune-up. The strain of operating in a compromised state will take its toll, however, and repair needs are going to become more frequent. Because you haven’t kept up with maintenance, you may be on the hook for repairs that otherwise would have been covered by warranties, too.

Keep Your System Running as Long as Possible!

The real kicker is that a poorly maintained heater just won’t last as long as a well-maintained heater will. Sure, maintenance requires a bit of an investment, but you’re getting a great return on it. If you think the cost of maintenance is not justified, just consider how much more expensive replacing your entire heating system will be!

And before you go searching the internet for checklists, we’ll just go ahead and tell you that maintenance is a job for professionals only. You can, and should, change your air filter regularly, of course. Truly thorough maintenance, however, is something that only trained technicians can handle. Our team is here to keep your heater as reliable, effective, and efficient as possible.

Schedule your heating services with the pros here at Moody Heating and Air Conditioning.

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