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Is My HVAC System Big Enough?

This is an interesting question with an interesting answer. You might think that heaters come in a “one-size-fits-all” category, but that’s not true at all. Heaters and air conditioners need to be sized for their prospective homes with calculating equipment. This process, known as load calculation, requires professional expertise to be done correctly. Only then can a heater be installed to work effectively and efficiently.

However, not everyone gets their HVAC in Cartersville, GA set up by a trustworthy pro. Many amateurs and subpar service technicians skip this step thinking they know what’s best for your home or how large a system should be. We’ve seen this happen countless times, only for a homeowner to be set up with a heater that’s too big or too small.

Let’s talk about how you can tell if your heater is the right size.

Skipping the Sizing Process

So, let’s say that your heater was installed by an amateur a few years ago and you’re not quite sure if they measured it to fit your home. This isn’t just something to scoff at and let bygones be bygones; your whole home could be suffering from the repercussions of this problem. Here’s just a small list of things that can affect you if your heater is sized incorrectly.

  • Higher energy bills. A heater that’s too small will consume way too much energy to heat your home. Likewise, a heater that’s too big will consume too much energy and turn on and off many times during the day.
  • More frequent repair needs. An incorrectly sized heater or air conditioner will stress certain components more than a correctly sized one. You’ll see the same parts need repairs or replacement over and over again, and you’ll be paying the cost.
  • An early replacement. Eventually, all that stress of a heater working hard and being the wrong size will catch up with you. You’re going to need a full system replacement a lot sooner than you would otherwise.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

To get at the main question of this blog post, bigger isn’t always better. Homeowners can easily understand why a heater that’s too small might be a problem, but they rarely understand why a heater that’s too big is also a problem.

Heaters that are too large run into a problem called short cycling. A short cycling heater turns on as you may expect, but only runs for a few minutes before it shuts off again. These frequent, short cycles occur because the heater heats up your home too quickly and has to shut down prematurely and before it’s had a chance to run a full cycle. Eventually, the same parts will get stressed out as your heater does this inefficient process over and over again. You’ll see increased bills, more expensive and frequent repair needs, and an early replacement in due time.

We just can’t stress enough how important load calculation is. An incorrectly sized heater is an expensive problem to fix, mainly because the best way to remedy the problem is with a full replacement.

We can help you with an oversized heater. Call Moody Heating and Air Conditioning.

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