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It’s Finally Time for Heater Maintenance!

Heater maintenance is a vital service for your heater. Do you think you could escape it because this year you bought a heat pump to replace your furnace? Well, too bad, because you’ll need maintenance twice a year instead of just once. The fact of the matter is—if your heater is working hard, it’s going to need maintenance.

For such an important service, it really boggles our mind how bad of a reputation it’s garnered. People just assume heater maintenance is optional because it’s offered instead of included with installation or replacement services. Would you assume that filling your car up with gas is optional because it’s never offered by a mechanic?

Of course not! Let’s talk about why this is such an important HVAC service in Canton, GA. We’ll go over what exactly heater maintenance is, why you can benefit from it, and what it means to skip it.

Why Heater Maintenance? Why Now?

Heater maintenance is akin to getting maintenance on your car, or getting an oil change. It’s just something you have to do once a year to ensure your heater is working effectively. Heater maintenance can help mitigate repairs by having a professional address them early on when they’re small, while also giving you a heads-up at a larger repair need down the road. HVAC technicians have extremely thorough maintenance checklists that make it easy to spot anything that’s inefficient or wrong with your system. Your heater will lose a chunk of its efficiency every year if it’s not maintained.

Why now? Well, now is the easiest time to schedule heater maintenance. Temperatures are relatively mild and you’ve got plenty of time before the harsher chilly temperatures set in. Our schedules are also open wide, which means we have plenty of time to come and give you a thorough maintenance visit. In the winter time, we’ll be backed up with repair calls for homes with failing furnaces, and it’s just harder to keep things running smoothly.

The Benefits of Heater Maintenance

This is probably why you came to this blog post, right? You want to know exactly what you’ll get out of heater maintenance if you pay for it. Take a look below at just some of the great benefits that maintenance provides.

  • Extended lifespan. The lifespan of your system is statistically more likely to be longer than one that goes without maintenance. This is just the difference between a system that’s cared for and a neglected heater.
  • Increased efficiency. Efficiency levels are bound to improve when a professional spends time analyzing the energy consumption and heat performance of your system.
  • Better performance. If your heater doesn’t do a good job of heating your home, it will become very much apparent when it comes time to maintenance. A professional can measure the heat output of your system and tell you if you’re wasting your money or not. Seriously, you’ll feel better with improved levels of comfort when signing up for professional maintenance.

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