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Top 5 Furnace Repairs to Be Weary of

Your furnace is struggling. We get it, it’s been a hard year. Maybe you skipped that maintenance appointment or you’ve been saving up instead of calling for furnace repairs. This isn’t something we’ll scoff at, during unprecedented times these things happen. However, if your furnace isn’t working the way that you need it to, it could end up costing you so much more down the line. We’re trying to work with you in fending off the costs you might be paying in a year if you don’t get your system fixed today.

So, we want to highlight the most common and important furnace repairs that homeowners need to know about. Perhaps if you’re more informed about what’s going on in your furnace, and what’s at stake, then maybe you’ll understand the urgency about calling us for furnace repair in Cartersville, GA. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you for an affordable and effective solution to your heating problems.

1. Uncomfortable Noises

Noises are one of the biggest and best ways to tell that your furnace needs help. If any of you are familiar with these kinds of noises, then you know what we’re talking about. Booming, screeching, grinding, reeling, rattling, and bumping are never good signs. Additionally, these can turn into safety concerns when they’re left unaddressed. So, you might want to consider getting your system repaired if these noises have become a part of your daily life recently.

2. High Heating Bills

Heating bills are a reflection of how much fuel your furnace is using. If it’s inching upwards each month, that means there’s something not quite right inside your system. This could be anything from a component that needs to be replaced, to a screw that needs to be tightened, but it’ll never get better by ignoring it. Schedule repairs today to have your furnace returned to it’s normal efficiency levels.

3. Cold Spots in Your Home

Cold spots represent one of two things. Either your ducts are leaking heated air in a specific area, which means you could need an upgrade in your duct system. Or, your furnace is starting to wane in effectiveness and some rooms aren’t getting heated enough. The problem is that homeowners won’t be able to differentiate which problem is occurring without the help of a professional. It’s clear that if you notice any cold spots, our team can help mitigate them and find the root of the problem.

4. Bad Odors

Odors are a sign that something is clearly wrong with your furnace. Not only is something wrong, but there could be a safety concern in your home. While furnaces are built to be safe, they can leak gas and carbon monoxide after years of being worn down and being neglected. Make sure you shut your system down if you smell anything funky, and call us right away.

5. It’s Just Not Working Properly

A broken-down furnace is never a good sign. Though, our team might be able to get it running again with the right repairs. You’ll never know the answer until you call us and schedule an appointment.

Contact Moody Heating and Air Conditioning today for proper furnace work by the Cartersville pros.

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