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When to Call for Professional Heating Repairs

servicing-furnaceLet’s start with a quick answer to the question above—as soon as you suspect that there is a problem! No, we may not have the coldest winter weather in the country. That does not mean, however, that you can afford to take risks with the condition and operation of your home heating system. Prompt heating repairs in Rome, GA, are always going to be in your best interest. This begs the question, however, of when to be concerned.

In today’s post, we’ll cover some common red flags that should have you reaching for the phone to call the heating technicians on our team. No problems are really “minor” enough to ignore. The longer you wait to have them resolved, the more likely it becomes that they’ll do serious damage to your system. When in doubt, after ruling out any obvious catalysts, it is time to call in the pros. This protects both your comfort and your heater itself.

Is Your Heater Running in Short Bursts?

We want to start with this one because, while it is a fairly obvious problem, it is also one that homeowners tend to ignore. Why? Because the heater is still technically running, even if it is running abnormally. As long as there is heat coming out of the heater, homeowners are often too willing to ignore other signs of trouble.

This particular problem, called short cycling, is definitely not one to ignore, though. It wears down the system as it starts up again and again. It wastes energy too, leaving you to pay more for a weaker performance from your system. Check the air filter to ensure that it is not very dirty, as this could lead to short cycling. Beyond simply replacing a dirty filter, you’ll need a professional to diagnose and resolve the cause of the short cycling, which could run from a faulty thermostat to a heat pump refrigerant leak.

Is Your Heater Very Noisy?

With the exception of fairly uncommon electric radiant systems, any heater is going to make some noise in its operation. This may be the sound of a compressor clicking on, air rushing through ductwork, or a boiler humming a bit. Whatever the case, you know what your heater sounds like better than anyone.

If you notice, when heating your home, that your heater is making strange new sounds or that it is making its usual sounds at a much louder volume than others, then it is time to call for repairs. It doesn’t matter if you think you can live with the noise. Chances are your heater won’t, at least not for much longer!

Is Your Home Heating Unevenly?

If your heater was blowing cold air or failing to heat your home at all, that would be an emergency. What if certain parts of your home just are not as warm as others, though? That is still a major problem, and not one that you can afford to ignore.

You could have leaky ductwork. A heat pump may be leaking refrigerant. A thermostat could be registering temperatures wrong. Whatever the case, our technicians will get to the bottom of it.

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