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When to Schedule Heating Repair

chilly-manJust because our winter weather is on the mild side is no excuse for denying your heater the services it needs to truly excel in its operation. In fact, doing so is quite foolish. While there is no way in which to completely eliminate the need for occasional heating repair in Carrollton, GA, scheduling those repairs as soon as possible can certainly help to minimize any negative impact the problem may have on your system. It is always best to act swiftly.

In fact, time is such an important factor that you’ll ideally have your system repaired before symptoms even get too severe. It may not always be possible, but knowing some basic warning signs that your heater may be in trouble can really save you a big headache. You should never wait for the system to break down entirely before scheduling heating repairs. Here are a few red flags to keep in mind. Contact us if you notice them or any other irregularities.

Are Your Utility Costs Spiking?

Like we said above, our home heating systems don’t really see the extreme levels of use that our air conditioners do in this part of the country. That is what makes overpaying to heat our homes all the more frustrating. We aren’t contending with long stretches of subzero temperatures, and your utility costs should not make it look otherwise!

There are a lot of symptoms that you’ll notice as far as heating performance goes when there is a problem with your system. There are also those heaters that appear to be working normally, however, or those that offer up only very subtle hints of trouble. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the costs associated with running your heater, and to take note of any irregularities suggesting operational issues.

Are You Still Chilly?

Your heater should be able to heat your entire home effectively, period. If it is not doing so, then you need professionals to figure out what the problem is, and what can be done about it. In the event that your new heater is not heating your whole house effectively, or you have an older heater that has always struggled, sizing may be the issue. If your heater is not properly sized for your home, unfortunately, replacing the whole system is really the only solution.

If your heater has only recently started to falter in this regard, however, it could be the result of dirty filters, thermostat issues, leaky ductwork, or any other of a long laundry list of potential issues. Not only will we resolve the problem successfully, but we’ll accurately diagnose it first.

Strange Sounds

It’s not all about looking for problems with your system. Sometimes it’s about listening for them, too. There are a lot of auditory indicators that problems with your heater are developing. Again, that your heater is still running doesn’t mean that it is running correctly.

If you hear screeching, clanging, hissing, booming, or any other sounds that your heater does not usually make, don’t ignore the problem. You are going to wind up leaving your heater to suffer, and you could even be allowing a potentially dangerous situation to develop. Make the right call, and contact us when your heater sounds strange.

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