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"We are the company your neighbors trust and use"


Why Choose Us for Heating Service?

That’s a good question. Regardless of how you’ve gotten to this blog post, either with dissatisfaction from your last heating job or because you’re a big fan of our dad jokes and intimate HVAC knowledge, you probably have a contractor you regularly work with. Homeowners might like having that one person they can always call, but what if that contractor isn’t as good as you think they are? What if you’ve been using the same heating contractor for a decade or more, without knowing that you’re losing money every time you call them?

It’s entirely possible. We’re going to make the case today that you can get more with your HVAC service in Cartersville, GA. In fact, we’re going to highlight exactly why our team is the premier heating service provider in the area. It’s not because we’re a giant megacorporation, or because we beat out other competition through force—it’s from good, quality heating care at affordable rates.

Family-Owned and Operated Matters

Our business was started like a page out of a book. David Moody wanted to start a business for his family, but with two young children at the time, it seemed impossible. The dream of being able to send his kids to the best schools in the country while providing everything else was a strong motivator that turned our company into what it is today.

You see, there are two kinds of companies that work on HVAC systems. There are the large companies that are founded on profit and profit alone. And then there are companies like ours that are founded on something stronger than that—family. When you work with a family-owned and operated company like ours, you get treated like family. It’s not just about making an extra buck, it’s about providing the excellent service we know we can.

Customer Service Expectations

It’s time to expect more from your contractor. No more showing up late, no more hidden fees and obnoxious rates, and no more wonky parts that only work until your trusted technician leaves for the day. It’s time to expect more from your HVAC contractor in the world of customer service. Take a look and see which contractors really go above and beyond.

With us, we’ll stay until the system actually works, and we’ll come right back if it doesn’t. Our services are 7 days a week, and we have some technicians who have been with us for over 17 years, so you’re really getting a hand-picked team of pros.

Unique Perks

Did we mention that we provide a 10% discount for any military personnel? Or how about our extremely affordable and helpful maintenance program that grants you a 20% discount on all parts that are installed? Choosing the right HVAC contractor isn’t just about what makes you feel good, it’s about what makes your wallet feel good too. We know that in order to compete in this kind of heating service economy, we need to offer out trusted customers a little more than just good service.

Aside from all the reasons why you should choose us that we mentioned above, ask us about any of our running promotions and see if you qualify to save big!

Call Moody Heating and Air Conditioning to experience a new level of comfort.

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