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Choosing the Right Air Purifier

Monday, August 28th, 2017

UV-air-purifier-bulbQuick: What is the most important factor when it comes to your home comfort? If you said your air conditioner, that makes a lot of sense considering the heat and humidity we experience here in Georgia. But what about where comfort and health meet head-on: indoor air quality? For many homeowners throughout our area, maintaining great indoor air quality is a battle that they may not even fully understand that they are losing.

While keeping your home comfortable during our long hot summers and generally mild winters is important, maintaining high indoor air quality is equally important. Your indoor air quality ties directly into your comfort, and letting it slip affects both your comfort and health, as well as the condition of your property. We recommend using an air purifier in Dallas, GA to guarantee the protection of your air quality. Of course, this leads to the question of which air purifier(s) will benefit you the most.

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When to Use a UV Air Purifier

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Most homeowners are under the impression that filtering the air in their homes is enough to maintain great indoor air quality. For some, this is true (though many mistakenly believe that the standard air filter in their HVAC systems will do the job, which it won’t). In some cases, though, even the best air filters are not the best tools for the job.

Certain pollutants simply cannot be effectively removed from the air. They must be destroyed. This is the case when dealing with biological pollutants, such as viruses, mold, and bacteria. That is when you are going to need a UV air purifier in Summerville, GA.

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