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Whole–Home Dehumidifiers & Service in Rome, GA

If there is one thing that is not lacking during the summer season here in Georgia, it is humidity. While the old adage that it is the humidity that makes you feel uncomfortable, and not the heat, may be a bit of an exaggeration, there is no denying that hot, humid air can really make a summer day quite unbearable. Not only that, but high humidity levels can also cause a number of different problems within one's home.

With this in mind, we recommend that you give some serious consideration to the use of a dehumidifier in Rome, GA. The dehumidifier is a powerful ally in the quest for comfort throughout even the hottest, most unpleasant stretches of summer. When you want a whole-house dehumidifier installed or serviced, you need only contact the IAQ pros here at Moody Heating and Air Conditioning.

Signs That You Need a Dehumidifier

When the air is too humid, it is difficult for sweat to evaporate off of one’s body and into the air. This is the body’s natural cooling process, and its disruption can turn a hot day unbearable. If the air in your home feels swampy and muggy, you may benefit greatly from a whole–house dehumidifier. Odors of mildew, visible water damage, or even the beginnings of mold growth can also indicate the need for a dehumidifier, as does wood rot. As you can see, high humidity levels can put your property itself, as well as your comfort, at risk.

A Whole–House Dehumidifier Must Be Professionally Installed

Even the best dehumidifier will falter if it is not of the right size and capacity for your home and HVAC system, and if it is not installed by a qualified technician. While you don’t want an undersized dehumidifier that will fail to meet your needs, you also don’t want an oversized dehumidifier that you simply have no need for. We’ll make sure that you have the best dehumidifier in place for your needs, and that it is installed with the utmost care. We are also available to complete your dehumidifier replacement, if you have an old system that is no longer functioning as needed, if at all.

Routine Maintenance and Prompt Dehumidifier Repairs in Rome, GA

Your dehumidifier in Rome, GA, is a mechanical system, and one that is integrated right into your HVAC system at large. If you hope to get the most reliable and effective performance possible from your whole–house dehumidifier, you are going to need to have it maintained on a regular basis. We are happy to complete this service for you when we tune up your HVAC system. We can also repair your dehumidifier if and when the need should arise. If you notice that your humidity levels are creeping up once more, or if it seems like the humidity removed by the dehumidifier is leaking out of the system somewhere, just let us know. We will assess the situation, and our technicians are sure to get everything back on track in a successful and timely manner.