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Duct Testing

Duct Testing Service in Rome, GA

Much as we'd love to tell you that you will never encounter problems of any kind with your HVAC system, this is simply not the way that things work in the real world. While you may assume that it will be a capacitor, your blower fan motor, or some other mechanical component that will cause you trouble, your air ducts may actually be to blame for your heating and cooling woes. Have no fear, though, because our air duct technicians are never more than a phone call away.

You have no way of evaluating your ductwork in a substantive manner on your own, which is why we recommend that you let us complete meticulous and thorough duct testing in Rome, GA for you. When Moody Heating and Air Conditioning tests your ductwork, you'll get the conclusive results that you need in order to go about making the changes that will most benefit your air ducts. Contact us today if you have any reason to suspect that there is a problem.

Why Have My Ducts Tested?

Your air ducts form the conduit through which all of the air both heated and cooled by your HVAC system is dispersed throughout your home. With that in mind, it should be clear that any issues with your air ducts can cause serious problems. If you notice your heating/cooling costs spiking without reason, if you see more and more evidence of declining indoor air quality throughout your home, or if your residence develops hot or cold spots, you have cause for scheduling professional duct testing in Rome, GA. All of these issues may well be cause by compromised ductwork, and duct testing is far and away the best method by which to get to the bottom of the situation.

How Does Duct Testing Work?

As mentioned above, your air ducts are not really easily accessible. However, our duct testing professionals are not going to have to go over your ductwork inch by inch with a fine toothed comb in order to evaluate its condition. Instead, we use a carefully calibrated fan to ascertain what kind of condition your air ducts are in. The fan is hooked up to your ductwork, and all other vents and registers are sealed up. The fan then pressurizes the air ducts, and the pressure output is measured against the pressure in the ducts. If there is a notable difference in the numbers, we know that there are leaks, and can go about pinpointing their locations.

Contact Us for Duct Testing Service in Rome, GA

Even the most sophisticated duct testing equipment is going to be of little use if it is not in the hands of skilled, trained professionals. That is why we recommend that you leave your duct testing services to the pros on our staff. Over nearly 3 decades, we’ve established ourselves as one of the premiere HVAC companies in the area, and you can count on a job well done when you work with our technicians, whatever that job may be. If you are ready to start living in greater company with greater efficiency by revitalizing your ductwork, dial our number to schedule duct testing services today.