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mini split Installations and Service Available in ROME, GEORGIA AND Surrounding Areas

Ductless Mini Split Installation in Rome, ga

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A ductless mini split system can be a great investment for your home in Rome, GA.  Paired with our professional services, such as ductless system installation, you can enjoy great efficiency and effectiveness. Our services guarantee that your ductless mini split will operate at peak performance.

  • We are family-owned and operated for over 34 years

  • We offer 24/7 services

  • We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

When you need a system that offers quality heating and cooling for your home but doesn’t require ductwork to do its job, you can reach out to us. We can even provide helpful ductless pricing options to help you find the system that fits your home and your budget. Big enough to serve, small enough to care.

What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

Ductless mini split systems offer whole–house heating and cooling without the use of bulky ductwork. This makes them ideal for homes without preexisting ductwork or homes that cannot accommodate such systems. An outdoor unit is connected to indoor, wall mounted blowers by a simple conduit; this conduit contains refrigerant and power lines. A small hole drilled in the wall of your home allows the interior and exterior units to be connected.

Each wall mounted blower heats and cools a room directly. Because of this direct temperature control, the blowers may be operated independently, allowing you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home. This can help you use energy more efficiently, saving money while keeping everyone comfortable. Call today for service on ductless mini splits in Rome, Georgia and surrounding areas including Floyd County, Georgia.

We Install daikin Ductless Mini Split Systems

As with any heating and air conditioning system, your ductless mini split installation must be handled by a highly trained and experienced HVAC professional. If the installation of your ductless mini split system is mishandled, then you cannot expect to get the most efficient, effective performance possible. Your system must be appropriately sized for your home. If it is too large or undersized, then efficiency will suffer and you risk damaging your ductless mini split.

If you want more information on the advantages and disadvantages of using a ductless mini split heat pump, you can read more on the website, or call us for further details.

We Also Repair and Help Maintain Your other brands of Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

When you need ductless mini split repair in Rome, GA, you can always count on Moody Heating and Air Conditioning. Our expert technicians can ensure that any problems with your ductless mini split system are resolved completely and quickly. Let us help you keep your home comfortable throughout the entire year: schedule a service call today. And remember: we are the go–to local heating and cooling technicians to call for ductless mini split repair service in the Rome, Georgia area.

Our exceptional maintenance services can help you avoid the need for ductless mini split system repair. During a routine maintenance visit, your professional ductless mini split technician can discover, diagnose and resolve any small or developing problems before they become serious issues. Forcing your ductless mini splits to operate in poor working condition reduces efficiency while greatly increasing the likelihood of damage to your system. So make sure you schedule regular maintenance visits with us as well to help keep your ductless mini splits working as efficiently as possible.

Schedule Ductless Mini Split System Services

Contact Moody Heating and Air Conditioning today to take advantage of all that ductless mini splits have to offer. With a professional installation and high–quality maintenance service plan, you can heat and cool your home more efficiently.


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